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Vintage Juliet

Anonymous, but real

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I'm not really Juliet, but I'll go by that name for now. I'm a 26 year old who is fed up with the fact that her life has gone pretty much nowhere. I work 2 jobs (Starbucks and a Smoothie shop) and I work waaay too much. I never finished college, so I'm not exactly qualified for much else. I did recently buy a house though! Thats one good thing I guess. Although my car is falling apart and I'm currently living paycheck to paychesk. Oh and as for a boyfriend. I dont have one. I date around a bit (dating around doesnt mean sleeping around, lets just be clear on this. I am NOT sleeping around) but that is about it.

My life is kinda boring at the moment... and stressful. I've been a bit of a mess lately. Let's see if I can change things up for myself! :)

Note: this is a real journal. I needed a place to express myself. To get things off of my chest so that I can better my life. A place where I could be blunt because noone knows who I am.